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TIG Welded in Indiana USA - Aerospace Quaility!

To install... any tube on valve cover goes to catchcan.. make sure the tube or connection flows both ways.. some fittings might be a one way check valve. You can also connect to fitting on the block usually higher up so not too low where its catching alot of oil. If connecting to head or block fittings you just dont want to connect in a location that has alot of oil splashing in that given area otherwise your going to be filling the catch can too fast and needing to add oil for no good reason making your life more complex. Race applications both fittings on catch can would usually go to the valve cover and or block fittings.

Do not connect one of the catch can fittings to a intake tube, this will cause the engine to still suck in oil or hot burnt air from blow by lacking oxygen. Empty catch can into a jug with your regular oil change waste oil and recycle.
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These barb push on fittings are some of the best for oil catch cans. Since your lines are not under pressure actually building -AN lines is not needed.
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