How to Install a Oil Catch Can

Install theory is pretty simple but actually installing the fittings or bungs and mounting the system takes time. The quality AN fittings take a bit of skill and a vice to build but its a great project to kill a few hours. Its always best to have a professional do the install but we know its a blast to work on your own race car. These are also only for off highway use and only to be installed on race cars, dune buggy or other off road projects.

  1. You need breather ports on your valve cover or engine. Usually taking off the valve cover and drilling a few holes, welding in bungs and small baffles to keep new holes from direct splash.
  2. Cap off previously used inlets and outlets.
  3. Mount tank and keep in mind being able to empty easily. Also keep in mind your hose length and fittings preventing kinks or sharp bends. If you have to install in a tight area and can not get to the drain have no fear. You can usually run a -6an or barb fitting off the bottom of the catch can then connect to a hose that swoops down into a safe area and install a ball valve. That way you can drain the catch can say out of the front bumper or even close to your pan oil drain, unlimited creative options.
  4. Install your lines and your ready to go.